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We are three housemates who are all professional models and photographers and together we have created a studio space where creative vision can come to life!! Because we are not restricted by lockdown laws, we have the capabilities to fully produce photographic shoots during Covid-19, as well as video and audio production.

CLARYSSA | Model | Photographer

Insta: @claryssahj

Folio: Bella Management

Photography: ISKA Photography 

PRABH  | Model | Photographer

Insta: @prabhuppal

Folio: Bella Management

Photography: The Right Minded

ALICIA  | Model | Creative Director

Insta: @alicia_kaur

Folio: Bella Management

Creative: The Right Minded

Our fully equiped studio includes: 

  • White, Black and Grey Back Drops.
  • Indoor & Outdoor Studio
  • Studio and Video Lighting
  • Professional Camera Gear
  • 4k Video Editing Resolution
  • Hair and Make Up
  • Accessories
  • Garment Steamer & Clothing Racks

Our broad skillset includes: 

  • Photography - Product, Campaign, Ecommerce, Flat-Lays       & Jewellery
  • Videography - Fashion Film, Product, Campaign, Music        Videos, Blogging. 
  • Modelling - Beauty, Campaign, Ecommerce, Activewear, Jewellery, Lingerie/Underwear & Influencing.
  • High-End Image Editing
  • Video Editing
  • Audio and Music Composing and Production
  • Content Creation


or email us at studio@iskaphotography.com

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